I feel privileged to have had the benefit of Monika's yoga tuition, teacher training and (not least) friendship over the last 15 years. Monika possesses an innate ability to observe students and tailor their yoga practice to suit their individual needs. Monika places great emphasis on the creation of safe and effective personal practice sequences, in which complementary poses are brought together so that the entire body benefits from the experience. With years of dedication and experience, Monika encourages students to use props, maximising the benefits and enjoyment of their practice without strain or injury. I’ve never come away from a single class of Monika’s without feeling better than when I went in – whether the experience of that particular day’s class was one of being uplifted or de-stressed, re-energized or calmed, the effect was always positive. When I completed my 200- hour teacher training with Monika, although it was challenging for me to go ‘back to school’ at 50, it was one of the most intensely absorbing, rewarding and enjoyable periods of my life. Monika is the consummate professional teacher, able to maintain a perfect teacher/ student/ client relationship while remaining engaged, compassionate and involved, each as the circumstances demand. Fluent in English, German and Turkish, she continues along her own personal journey of development, regularly training with other teachers and practitioners, learning new skills as well as sharing established ones. Monika remains an inspiration to me (and so many of her other clients and students) and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I wish her everything she wishes for herself.


It was by pure chance that I came across Monika’s website and learnt about her teacher training. One of the main reasons that I ended up choosing to head down to Bodrum in early 2014 to start her 200 hour teacher training program, was the amount of experience she has as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Having now completed the course, I can say it was intense, but that without a doubt I made the right decision.

During the course Monika shares her immense knowledge of the body as seen through the eyes of yoga. Correct alignment of the asana’s is paramount, which she introduces in a very natural way, gradually adding more details and demanding more from her students as the course progresses. Not only her knowledge and insight, but also her capability to transfer it to other is what makes Monika a great teacher in my opinion.

Monika is a serious teacher and forthright. She will not hesitate to tell you when you are doing something that can possibly harm yourself or others. This coincides with her strong emphasis on the prevention of injury during yoga practice. On the other hand she also wants her students to have fun, which she contributed to herself on numerous occasions, making us laugh out loud.

Expect a lot of work with props (bricks, belts, bolsters and ropes) during the course, as well as exercises together with one or more students in a group. Even though teaching with props may not have been my initial intention, I often found this a great way to gain a more intrinsic understanding of the asanas.

Besides the physical aspects of yoga, basic yoga philosophy and anatomy are covered during the training. Furthermore the students are invited to contemplate what being an ethical yoga teacher means to them and how they view themselves as an aspiring teacher. I not only appreciate, but also admire the non-intrusive way in which Monika introduced the more philosophical and ethical aspects of yoga, allowing the individual to adapt her teachings in their own way.

This testimonial wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning Reyan, who taught afternoon classes during the training, a beautiful person and immensely inspiring yoga instructor. I never expected to finish a teachers training and to be this confident about starting teaching yoga myself. I remain grateful to Monika for all that she has taught me, on and off the yoga mat. Namaste.


I'm so happy, that I found this yoga teacher training far away in Bodrum with the wonderful teachers, Monika and Reyan. You really feel at home in the beautiful airy studio with the high ceilings and the familiar atmosphere. The training includes different yoga styles mostly influenced by Iyengar Yoga and Monika shows us a wide range of variations for all postures. So it is not only, that we learn what the postures should look like in a perfect alignment, we really learn how to teach them step by step. We learn how to teach yoga poses for example to elderly people or people with back - or knee problems and also advanced postures to students which are more experienced in yoga. A big focus in on anatomy and the therapeutic effect of yoga, but the training also includes yoga philosophy lie how you should act with your students as a yoga teacher, and also organizational themes like how to prepare a class.


Half way through our teacher training Monika told us a story about a conversation she had with her first yoga teacher. He told her that a good yoga teacher creates an atmosphere of familial ease and comfort while, at the same time, being disciplined and in charge. Monika does just that. Her teaching style is simple and clear. It feels more like an interesting and informative conversation than a lecture. In 200 hours we learned about all the little details that go into a pose, and all the muscles, ligaments and joints that are working in that pose. We learned how to teach that pose. In fact, we learned how to teach that pose to someone older, injured or doing it for the first time. There is huge emphasis on alignment and safety. But the teacher training goes far beyond just mechanics of yoga. We learned about the extensive therapeutic benefits of yoga, both physical and mental. Here Monika teaches mostly by example.

From day one, I felt comfortable and at home in the class and that is because Monika treats all of her students like friends. She gets to know them. We learned that it's not just about knowing yoga, it's about getting to know a student and assessing how yoga would benefit them personally. For me the teacher training was a perfect fit. The whole experience was incredibly nurturing and inspiring. Monika not only teaches, she embodies it.